Financial Planning for Your Business and Family

Most successful businesses are created with an idea and grown with hard work.  But it takes foresight and a comprehensive plan for these businesses to outlive their founders.  The businesses that are successful, those that flourish from one generation to the next, are the ones with owners who know how to recognize and solve problems ….. owners who know when to ask for help ….. owners who know how to hire “expertise.”  

My team of experts and I can help by identifying your financial planning needs, and then addressing those needs with a wide range of insurance and investment solutions.

Why We Exist:

Our purpose is to create a plan that accomplishes personally significant goals, and gives financial security to your family and those you care most about. We believe by providing clarity and confidence around your personal finances, you can pursue your life to its fullest. We accomplish this by combining financial planning, insurance, and investment advisory services to help clients execute and maintain their financial goals throughout their life and future generations. This is an evolving process that transitions and grows over time.

The Ultimate Goal:

Our vision is to bring a responsive team of professionals to support the growth of personalized, multi-generational wealth creation and transfer for our clients. Values: Discipline. Passion. Relationships. Excellence. Who We Work With: The people who benefit most from our work seek a personalized financial plan that consolidates and simplifies complex financial situations. Our team is dedicated to providing a disciplined, proactive approach to accomplishing the personally significant goals of our clients.

Characteristics of our clients:

-Ambitious. High energy. Decision maker.

-Want advice surrounding their finances.

-Appreciate a responsive disciplined team.

-Desire a personalized experience to financial planning.

-Want to create something impactful with their finances.

Typical client demographic:

-Medical professional: Our medical professional clients have worked very hard to get where they are, and generally have a great passion around the work they do. They also understand the importance of outsourcing to a specialist, as they do this every day in their field. Our team carries this same passion and drive to help our clients get to where they want to be. We also understand the importance of executing and following through on important planning decisions.

-Business owner / Entrepreneur: Your situation is different when you run a business. Typically you have invested a lifetime of energy and resources to follow through on your vision. Making sure your vision is a reality is what we do.

-Partners at Accounting and Law Firms: You live a busy life and need a partner to help consolidate and strategically plan for your future financial success. Typically there are some complex retirement benefits through your organization that need to be better understood, and complemented appropriately to be maximized. We are also keenly aware of independence issues you might face and comply with all big 4 accounting firms. You generally appreciate a concise form of planning that is efficient, and routinely updated. We can help you make decisions quickly and efficiently so you can do what you are best at, and enjoy the life you have worked so hard for.

Austin James Mitchell, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

If you dream it, we’ll help you live it.

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